Connection between 9 Planets And 84 Gemstones

Our ancient science of astrology have an account of the celestial bodies and the gemstones connected to it. They inform the people about the suitability of the stones according to the planetary chart they are born under. According to scriptures, there are 84 gemstones out of which 5 are supposed to hold a higher position - diamond, pearl, emerald, blue sapphire, and ruby. Different coloured gemstones have an effect on different parts of the body.

For example, ruby is connected to the Sun (Surya). The gemstone radiates red colour. It’s heat has the power to overcome negative energies. Body parts associated with Sun is head and the right eye of a man, and left eye of a woman. 

Example 2, emerald is connected to mercury (Budh). It radiates green colour which has positive energy. Body parts associated with Mercury: tongue for speech, larynx, respiratory organs, skin, marrow, etc. 

Blue sapphire is connected to Saturn (Shani). Diamond is connected to Venus (Shukra). Likewise, other gemstones are related to other planets. This article’s purpose is to pique your curiosity to know more about this field of study. This is just a snapshot of the vast study of astrology and its scientific nature and its impact on our mind and body. 

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