Gold is a real asset

Gold is like that friend that comes to rescue when all other things are in turmoil. Having gold in your portfolio is a must have because when times are good, it is stable and grows slowly and steadily like a good relationship. When the times are bad, it grows even further and gives you financial support like a rock. 

It is because gold is the original currency that mankind has been using right from the beginning of trade. It was there even before the introduction of coins and much later so called paper money was put into the system. Since gold has a very ancient relationship with mankind, it holds trust like no other. Since older times, gold has been associated with health and auspiciousness and much more other than just financial value. That is why it is important we study the history of gold to understand its nature and its future in our lives. The above picture of gold coin is from the Maratha empire of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj issued between 1674 to 1680 AD. 

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