Meet “Sagar Tambi”, the gemstone aficionado, conceptualist, and Founder of Dvynlove. A third-generation jeweler, Sagar is no stranger to the sparkle and shine of the jewelry world. During his time in covid, something stirred within that changed him forever. In late 2020, he decided to sprinkle his own creative magic dust on the industry, founding Dvynlove and carrying forward a 60-year family legacy of gemstone brilliance! But he's not just about the bling; his goal has been to infuse his passion for designing jewelry to elevate human expression and his mission to bring positive social change through many noble causes he cares about. Dvynlove isn't just a brand for Sagar, it's his canvas for painting the world with the colors of divinity and existence.✨
Meet Pranika, the creative dynamo behind Dvynlove, a brand that's all about soulful and expressive jewelry. She's not just a creative director; she's a design diva and a marketing maven, sprinkling her creativeness over the design department and ensuring every piece of jewelry is as unique as the person wearing it. She's also the brains behind the marketing strategies, making sure that Dvynlove isn't just a brand, but a movement that reaches every corner of the country. Her mission is to make sure that Dvynlove is not just worn, but adored by everyone. ✨